Hassan Abid



I'm Hassan Abid a passionate Software Engineer with several years of experience in Android,iOS and web programming. I'm based in Seoul and currently working for NexStreaming Corp. In my free time, I help under-represented people to learn programming. My favorite quote is "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". When I am not coding, I go out for hiking, running or cycling.


I am a meticulous full-stack developer who undertakes assignments with utmost responsibility, meet deadlines, and delivers quality work. I possess practical and up-to-date knowledge about android and iOS SDKs. I apply analytical skills in solving day-to-day problems and challenges. I operate with eagerness and strong sense of urgency. I expertise in Android(3+), iOS(1.5+) and web(2+) along side with strong knowledge of server backends. I posses ability to develop a full-fledge mobile and web app.

I have quest for learning. I have completed several online courses and certifications including Android Developers nanodegree(Udacity), iOS development with Swift(Udacity) and Python(MITx).

I have strong experience building and maintaining SDKs. At my current working place(NexStreaming), I maintain Swift demo app for the NexPlayer SDK and from time-to-time fix bugs in NexPlayer iOS SDK. To me learning and exploring new technologies and opportunities have no end. I am looking for a more flexible role where I can apply all my skills related to mobile and web development for launching a complete product off-ground.